O Captain! My Captain! (a poem by Walt Whitman)

Over a decade ago, and when I was still fairly new to reading and writing poetry, I bought Walt Whitman's final edition of Leaves of Grass, which contains his full life's work. It is still one of the most cherished books on my shelf. Though to be honest, I found some of it a little … Continue reading O Captain! My Captain! (a poem by Walt Whitman)

A Poem For Immortality

Immortality used to be a birth-pink cordiform face, fresh from my daughter's womb. Immortality is doomed and he is only 4 years old, at this moment; he cannot know what is coming. Immortality has not read the last Book of Revelations and Immortality does not concern himself with science, or with unnatural, natural disasters. Or … Continue reading A Poem For Immortality

It Was My Favorite Necklace

Until you so loosened me with insignificance, then with the half-moon of stars dangling, barely daring to glimmer about my neck; about to fall madly, again closed those blue, blue darkroom hands with your inked veins, pulsing about my neck; You kept me throat-tight in silence for years. I won't wear any necklaces now. -B.