bukowski said it was a circus

for all the misfits & the misanthropes,

the great-mistake-makers, the second-


the late bloomers & the revolutionaries,

for the bartenders & the barflies,

for the good guys who never finish,

for the addicts & the survivors

of all the violences

of this gorging,

greedy, gluttonous world,

for the childless mothers & the orphans

of all the gross injustices,

for the lost-day-lovers,

all the untouched & unconfirmed,

for the strugglers,

the jugglers,

the book-huggers,

the innocents & the not-so-much,

for the simple-pleasure-takers

& the good-deed-doers

with no money left for their own lunch,

for the clock-wasters & the ones wasting away their potential,

for the ones who bond to fictional characters before actual people,

for those with their paychecks already spent,

& those whose employers value them below profit,

(if they value you at all)

for the freaks & the failures-to-conform,

for the losers & the fighters &

the gonna-die-tryin’-ers,

for the shut-ins in trailer parks

& the ones who refuse to lock their doors,

for the grown boys & girls who still tremble in the dark,

for the poetry slammers & the stammer-ers too,

for the local-chapter-founders

& the four-in-the-morning-typewriter-pounders,

for those walking tight ropes to healing

& those carving out brand new identities,

for the pot-brownie-bakers,

the peace-pray-ers & the daisy-chain-ers,

for the refugees, for the hungry,

for the safe-space-seekers &

the ones locked inside their panic

all alone in crowded rooms,

for the nail-biters & the over-thinkers,

for the screeching-car-alarm-doom’s-day-ers,

the oppressed’s campaigners,

the critical thinkers & the navigators of social reform,

for the wounded & the wandering,

for the cross-bearers & the blue-period-painters,

the sad clowns, the class clowns,

for the quietest voices in the crowd

& the loudest ones who will not be conditioned — —

I hear you all.

Don’t stop. Don’t stop.

You’ve been the only acts worth the price of admission.





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