No Expectations

we don’t achieve open-mouthed kisses

much these days; your teeth need skin

to leave their deep impressions —

I comply with

flesh of thigh & shouldered tendons

& a tongue that’s always been

too uncomfortable with its own softness

to offer itself

anyway — —

I wouldn’t know what to make of us

on paper . . . . . . a case study?

with which offered hypothesis?

A conclusion of Misogamy? Probably.

The discovery: Fear of Intimacy? On both sides, no doubt.

*This study also found that fear of intimacy in women plays a key role in the intimacy of the relationship and in the relationship’s likelihood of survival.

Are we in trouble?

that we can neither bear to speak nor hear

I love you

even as you shower me with Scrabble games

& typewriters

& novels . . .

even as we wrap each other up

in security-blanketed conversations

stimulating thoughts & reason, lacking

otherwise in our outside environment;

even as I am thriving, resurfacing

inside these four righteous walls of containment . . .

have staked my claims of art & poetry all over them  — —

could we still be doomed

inside this distance?




* This sentence was taken from a Wikipedia article on Fear of Intimacy.





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