Blog-thoughts & a Poem from Bukowski

So, about this blogging thing…

I’m still learning, and I have at least gotten so far as to know that it is definitely poetry and writing which I wish to share. But, I don’t always have a new poem to post; and besides, maybe my poems aren’t always everyone’s cup of tea. That’s okay. I don’t know any one writer, poet, person-in-general, whose work and deeds are always loved by

What I do know is that I have a vast collection of poetry and an endless list of poems that I love, written by great poets,  from Bukowski to Whitman.  Perhaps sharing some of these poems on a regular basis could better help me keep this blog on a better routine; better help me feel that I am accomplishing what it is I hoped to achieve by blogging in the first place — to share words that I find meaningful; to inspire even one person in even the smallest way; to maybe lift up just one tiny un-touched corner  in another’s mind and plant an idea that might have never found its way in, otherwise.

I’ve been under the weather for the last few days, which has, if nothing else, allowed for some copious poem-reading. I’ve marked dozens and dozens of poems that I think are brilliant . . . heart-warming . . . harrowing — significant for their own reasons. My only dilemma now is how to decide which poem? When to share which poem? Should I categorize them into themes and post poems according to different themes each week? Month?  . . . Oh, I do hate making decisions! I’m even torn as to weather I should share a poem in this post or wait until I have made a decision as to how I will decide the poem to be shared.

(And yes, I surely do realize how ridiculous that last statement reads! Can I blame it on the fogginess of this miserable head-cold?)

I am off now to search for a poem-sharing method that works well for me. In the meantime, and in keeping with the Bukowski/beginning theme, I have selected a  short poem by Bukowski to share today. While he has many, many more poems that I prefer to this one, I do think it works well for this post. I hope you will enjoy it enough to check out some more of his work, if you are not already a fan. His writing isn’t for everyone; but I have always found it to be very raw and very real. His writing can also sometimes be more than a little disturbing, but this is not one of those pieces. This poem is simply titled, “Poetry” and is simply for poetry’s sake.

Thank you for reading!  -B.


Poetry (a poem by Charles Bukowski)

a lot of 
it's not
either to 
or even to 



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